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This is student-led organization with future oriented in mental health research and mental advocacy through article publishing,writing, community outreach with intention of utilizing our disciplinary inquiry skills to make mental health matter as our milestone. i.e research and provide self-help techniques and  articles for mental health awareness .

Mental Health Journal Rwanda on partnership with Center for Mental Health and healthcare students associations has prepared a three-month training about mental health issues deracination through writing articles, conducting researches about mental health issues all for the sake of advocating those with mental health issues.

At the beginning, At UR-Huye campus , in medicine auditorium,there was the first session of the training on Saturday 14th August 2021 with 60 trainees that are scheduled to be hosted for every session as the total number is around 200 registered trainees expected to attend in sessions regarding to Covid 19 preventive measures and it is expected to take place in middle of September 2021.

Happened this Saturday 14th August, @MentalHealthRw In partnership with
@Center4MentalHe & other studentsAssociations/Organizations.

Theme:"Embracing Mental Health & Health Research as stepping stone to quality life."


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Without positive mental health, it will be almost impossible to realize our potential, work productively, make a meaningful contribution to your community or handle the stress that comes with life. Mental awareness and Advocacy is the way toward tackling mental health challenges around our community.

#StandWithUs in mental health advocacy

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Research is the endeavor to discover new facts and it is necessary to generate knowledge and methodology to deal with unsolved problems in society. Research itself is very important in improving

health especially in mental health but less important when its ideas are not shared with community

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